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Aim is to create a set of standards for all institutions of higher education to be held to

The International Aviation and Maritime Association (IAMA) is member-based trade association which connects the aviation and maritime industry and entities who support aviation and maritime commerce. The IAMA serves as a platform for information dissemination, collaboration and partnership within its membership. The IAMA advocates for issues impacting the industry and serves to advance, promote and protect the interests of the aviation and  maritime community worldwide.

Industry Experience

The Aviation and Maritime industries are truly international and play a large part in global business and management.

Valuable Ideas

Aviation and shipping contribute to economic growth, but they also lead to impacts on human health, the climate and the environment.

Professional Programes

Practical and interactive learning environments that include marine digital simulators and full-motion flight simulators.

Value Chain

All aspects of international business and management along the entire value chain from consumer, producer and investor perspective


We work in partnership with all the major airlines, airports, travel agencies and all marintime agencies

IAMA objectives and rules. Basically, we exist to:

  • Representing the Aviation and Maritime Industries
  • Promote members’ collective interests.
  • Ensure high levels of technical competence and safety throughout industry.
  • Promote development of skills and qualifications for members.
  • Promote employment, job security and quality of life for workers.
  • Advocating for the interests of airlines across the globe.
  • Accreditation of IAMA Agents and Student

Latest press releases

      We improve understanding of the air and sea transport industry among decision makers and increase awareness of the benefits that aviation and maritime brings to national and global economies. Advocating for the interests of airlines and maritime across the globe, we challenge unreasonable rules and charges, hold regulators and governments to account, and strive for sensible regulation.